Taking Care of Texas for Future Generations

Wayne CollinsWayne Collins credits his love of the outdoors to his boyhood experiences in scouting. As a Boy Scout, he participated in camping and canoe trips that laid the foundation of his conservation ethic. As an adult, he has enjoyed all manner of outdoor experiences, from backpacking in the Guadalupe Mountains to biking in Big Bend and hunting and fishing throughout Texas.

"Every time I venture outdoors, I learn something new," said Collins. "Whether it was making Boy Scout stew in a foil packet over a campfire as a boy, or hiking in a state or national park as an adult, there's always a new discovery to be made. And I have always said, 'I want to do that again!'"

After a career in manufacturing in Houston, Collins turned his woodworking hobby into a second career as a shop teacher at a high school near his Liberty Hill home, a farmhouse he built from scratch. His service to the community extends beyond the classroom, and he is also involved in several nonprofit and friends groups that actively promote conservation and education. When he heard about Texas Parks and Wildlife Foundation's planned giving program, he reached out for more information and decided to make TPWF the beneficiary of his retirement account.

"I saw an opportunity to put money where it will do some good for a lots of people for a long time to come," he said. "Texas is a unique place and much of that uniqueness stems from its geological and biological diversity. Connecting with Texas Parks and Wildlife Foundation will help keep it that way. We all need to take care of Texas and keep it special for our children, grandchildren and the many generations to follow."